Why Social Media Matters and How to Optimize Your Presence

According to the Harvard Business Journal, consumers are now trusting a brand’s social media content more than advertising or news articles. This means the impact and reputation of your brand could depend on your social media activity. Scary, we know.

While many brands seem to have social media that is as effortless as it is impactful, the trust is that most brands spend time, energy and resources on their social presence, often hiring an entire team of content creators. These content creators carefully design and plan to appear friendly, relatable, and effortless. They spend hours and weeks creating posts that embody their brand personality and, ultimately, increase their brand awareness and sales.

While not all of us have the resources to hire an army of social media gurus, there are simple ways to create an engaging social media presence.

Take a look at your competitors

Choose six of your top competitor and examine their social media.  Take an in-depth at all of their channels, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Houzz, and any other channel that might be relevant to your industry. Examine followers, likes, reactions, shares and engagement.

Ask yourself: What is their brand voice? Do they post consistently? How is their audience responding? Take a look at what works for them and what doesn’t. Because their audience is likely similar to yours, you can learn what is engaging that audience and what is not.

Review your own social

Look at your own social channels as you did your competitors’. Critique it like you’re a consumer of social content, rather than someone with a vested interest in your company and product.

What is working for you? What isn’t? Is your brand voice honest? Are you followers engaged? Mark down areas in which you could improve and where you are doing well.

Craft a strategy

Take these findings and mold a strategy that incorporates your company’s business goals and helps you advance these objectives.

What are you trying to get out of your social media? Who do you want to reach? What has been proven effective in reaching them?

Plan your posts!

Based on the strategy, develop an editorial calendar that includes suggested topics, timing, and channels. Research and compile hashtags you see working in your industry and with your desired followers.

Add detail to your calendar using key dates important to your business (sales, promotions, anniversaries, product launches, etc.).

Write and plan your posts, keeping your key audience segments in mind and using a voice that is honest to your brand.


The last part is easy! Post your pre-planned posts and watch your likes, comments and follows go up.

If this all still sounds a little daunting, we can help.

We know a lot of small companies don’t have the tools or personnel on board to establish a social media marketing strategy, create a plan and dedicate themselves to regular execution of that plan. This is where East Bank Communications comes in.

East Bank understands the value of this critical brand-to-consumer-to-consumer marketing channel. Our Social Media Audit and Planning methodology will provide competitive insights, an honest evaluation of your existing social media presence, recommended strategy and goals and an easily executable editorial calendar. At that point, we can either hand the reins over to you or bring in our expert copywriters and content creators to ensure a flawless delivery of your tailor-made social media plan.

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