KinderCare® Learning Centers

Rescuing a drifting brand and increasing company value.

Although KinderCare® was the nation’s leading childcare provider, with 1,200 centers serving nearly 150,000 families, they had a problem. The brand was stagnating, poorly positioned and no longer relevant to its audience. As a result, their marketing was inconsistent and ineffective.

KinderCare turned to East Bank to help reclaim their position as the nation’s premier childcare provider ad establish the company as the leader in early childhood development.

Our Solution

  • Reestablish the brand position by communicating that KinderCare was more than “babysitting.” They were leaders in early childhood development.
  • Create appropriate language, graphic styles and platforms to communicate the company’s dual mission of safe care plus education to its core target of professional, working women.
  •  Create national and local advertising, and sales aids to increase inquiries.


  • After almost five years developing their brand, KinderCare® was sold for a premium of two times its then-currently traded stock price.