Creating a premium brand from a commodity item.

Forage grass seed is a commodity. Grassland Oregon set out to change this with a proprietary variety of high sugar perennial rye grasses that are unique in that they have proven to increase milk production, live weight gains, and stocking rates in dairy cows, cattle, sheep and goats. The grass also contributes to increased body mass and antler size in deer and other wildlife.

With the help of East Bank Communications, Grassland brought a series of pasture seed blends to market under the SucraSEED name.

Our Solution

  • Create memorable product names that encapsulated the benefits of each blend
  • Develop unique packaging to target each farming pasture need
  • Communicate the SucraSEED story and highlight successful use of the product by early adopters


  • SucraSEED products have garnered acclaim from industry experts and early adopters.
  • SucraSEED has succeeded in gaining access to field trials — an important first step in winning broader acceptance in the Ag. market.