Our Success Stories

Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping

Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping is one of Portland’s oldest landscape companies. Like many small businesses, the great recession sapped their growth and put strains on their operations. The company desperately needed to generate leads, but could not afford to advertise in the expensive, traditional media outlets.

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Atiyeh Bros.

When it comes to rugs, Atiyeh Bros. is Portland’s undisputed experts. For over 100 years the company has sourced, sold, cleaned, repaired, and even made rugs of every kind. But recently, they struggled. They had been working off the same advertising playbook for decades, and as Portland grew and changed, the once household name brand lost it’s luster.

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M. Graham & Co.

M. Graham & Co. is a local, family-owned business successfully making artist’s color for more than two decades. Their artisan approach has helped build a solid reputation and national distribution, but as vibrant as their colors were — their approach to marketing was falling flat. M. Graham & Co. turned to East Bank Communications for help.

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