Bachman’s Wholesale

A plant and gardening wholesale business that needed a custom solution for inputting and displaying data for their products.

What did we do
Custom designed responsive template package integrated with WordPress for content management of non-store pages and product data formatting. A custom coded home page layout.

What was special
The integration of product data stored in WordPress being displayed on corresponding iNet product pages with the use of Eagle/iNet User Defined Fields.

Why was it a big deal
The client wanted users to have the ability to print just the plant data, this allowed us the flexibility to accomplish that.

How did we solve those challenges
Using a single User Defined Field, the client assigned codes to their products. We then imported their product data into WordPress so a formatted template could be created that users could print. Then using the unique code provided by the User Defined Field, we were able to bring in the product data from WordPress directly into the iNet product pages using WordPress’ API.

Unique navigation features

  • WordPress Integration
  • Custom user application
  • Template customization
  • Responsive design
  • iNet Upgrade compatible
  • iNet Version: 4.0.9