Englund Marine

Englund Marine Supply is an Astoria, Oregon based wholesaler/retailer specializing in products for the fishing and outdoor community. Englund Marine has been catering to the marine industry for over 70 years, with their eight brick & mortar locations along the west coast, three Marine Wholesale distribution centers, and retail/wholesale sites.

What did we do
Custom designed responsive template package featuring a custom coded home page, main navigation and product listing template.

What was special
The custom “mega menu” was our first use of a menu like this for an iNet client.

Why was it a big deal
It allowed the client to put their products into a menu structure that was easier for users to digest.

How did we solve those challenges
Using User Defined Fields in Eagle/iNet, the client created unique codes for products that were effected by Prop 65. We then used those codes to generate pop-up warning messages on the corresponding product pages.

Unique navigation features

  • Custom mega menu featuring grouped product departments
  • Collapsing & expanding sidebar
  • Custom user application
  • Template customization
  • Responsive design
  • iNet Upgrade compatible
  • iNet Version: 4.5.5