Opus Art Supplies

Opus Art Supplies is an independently-owned arts and crafts business in Canada. With 8 location throughout British Columbia, Opus provides a variety of fine arts materials, unique crafting supplies, framing goods, and digital printing services, oriented towards both the public and professional arts community.

What did we do
Converted the client’s Drupal site to WordPress. This includes transferring over multiple content-types, and thousands of users. We redesigned their entire website and user experience, creating a custom WordPress theme and Sagro template package.

What was special
We were able to merge the Sagro & WordPress sites on the front-end to create a seamless experience. Passing shopping cart & user login status data to the WordPress site so users are shown their shopping cart status where ever they may be while browsing the site. Menu data is managed completely in the WordPress admin and drawn into the Sagro site dynamically. We also set up an events system that allows not only site admins to post events, but also allows users to create and manage their own events. Another special thing we were able to do for this client was importing all of their product and product category data into WordPress. This allowed a much more intuitive and robust search capability.

Why was it a big deal
One of the challenges we were presented with at the start of this project was finding ways to streamline the management of content on the website. This client is constantly featuring new products or items that are on sale. Allowing this to all be handled within WordPress has enabled them to make updates in a fraction of the time.

Challenges they were facing
The client was having a hard time figuring out how to manage their business hierarchy. They needed a design solution that promoted awareness of their online shop, but also gave weight to their Digital Printing and Framing services, along with their very active online community content.

How did we solve those challenges
We created a home page & navigation design, along with landing pages for each pillar of the business, that drive awareness for all facets of the client’s business.

Unique navigation features

  • WordPress Integration
  • Custom user application
  • Template customization
  • Responsive design
  • Sagro Upgrade compatible
  • Sagro Version: 4.5.9