Sparetime Supply

Established in 1980, Sparetime Supply is a nursery/garden supply company based out of Willits, California. They currently have one retail garden center location, a retail site, a wholesale distribution center, and a wholesale site targeting outdoor focused businesses.

What did we do
Custom responsive website design that was built into a WordPress site that is used for all non-store pages and content. We then built a custom iNet template matching the design. This allows the client to manage their non-store content easily while creating a seamless experience for users. These sites add another level of integration between WordPress & iNet by including iNet user data on the WordPress side after a user logs in to their iNet account.

What was special
There are several areas of the site that are only accessible if the user is logged in.

Why was it a big deal
There was a challenge because the content that needed to be hidden was on the WordPress side of the site, but would be visible if the user was logged in to the iNet side of the site.

How did we solve those challenges
We were able to solve this using browser cookies to tell if a user was logged in or not.

Another unique feature on this site is the use of cookies to return a user to the last page they were on prior to logging in. Default functionality would take a user to the home page after logging in, which was frustrating if you were looking at a product, then logged in only to have to go find that product again.

Unique navigation features

  • Mega menu
  • Cookies to return a user to previous page
  • WordPress Integration
  • Custom user application
  • Template customization
  • Responsive design
  • iNet Upgrade compatible
  • iNet Version: 4.5.9