Advertising & Media

If finding and attracting potential customers is the lifeblood of any business, then advertising is the heart. It’s a discipline that is always changing and evolving and for more than forty years, it’s been a central part of our business.

At East Bank, we’ve been successful because we know how to craft and deliver the right message to the people who matter. And we do so using the mix of media that delivers the maximum reach and frequency to meet a client’s need for growth.

Our advertising offerings are complete and comprehensive from creative concept to media planning and buying.


Death, taxes and channel surfing.

How are consumers responding to a growing assault of communications? They aren’t. Audiences have evolved into highly skilled message avoiders, experts as squelching out “noise and clutter.”

At East Bank, we don’t believe that noise and clutter build brands. Ideas do. A great idea doesn’t have to muscle its way into an audience’s mind. It simply presents itself. Honestly. And in ways that an audience can relate to without even thinking about it.

Traditional Media Planning and Buying

Where we communicate is just as important as what we communicate.

We preach about the value and importance of engaging the audience, but that’s only half the story. To be truly effective in today’s media environments you have to combine an understanding of and experience with traditional broad-based media buying. East Bank is not only one of the largest, most sophisticated and most experienced Internet media buying groups in the Northwest It’s also one the Northwest’s oldest traditional media buying agencies. Print, Broadcast, Outdoor and Out-of-Home, if the challenge is reaching a consumer in the most effective, salient and cost effective way, East Bank has the answers.

Programmatic Digital Media

Seriously sophisticated media.

Google is fine when you’re just getting your toes wet with online advertising, but if you’re ready to get serious about tapping into this powerful media, then it’s time to talk with East Bank.

Why? East Bank is one of the Northwests’ largest, most sophisticated and most experienced Internet buying groups. We use the industry’s most powerful, independent, and advanced programmatic platform to deliver campaigns on every scale-local, regional, and national.

  • Inventory
    Simply put, if it’s connected to the Internet, we buy it. This includes banner and native ads with leading online publishers, premium video on Connected TVs, and audio on Spotify®, Pandora®, and a host of podcasts.
  • Technology
    You can’t buy what you can’t see. We deploy all our campaigns using the most powerful and sophisticated bidding platform to ensure we deliver the best inventory and the most aggressive prices.
  • Targeting
    With dozens of targeting options at our disposal, we create campaigns that are tailored to meet the individual nuances of each advertiser’s audience and KPI’s.
  • Data
    Our campaigns are built using high-value data from over 150 of the industry’s most trusted providers—BlueKai, Nielsen, Oracle, IRI and Dunn & Bradstreet to name a few.
  • Optimization
    We don’t just deliver impressions, we build and manage highly optimized campaigns. Our programmatic team constantly optimizes each campaign to achieve specific performance goals.
  • Compliance
    All campaigns are run with seven-layers of compliance, including brand safety, bot avoidance, and invalid traffic/fraud protection.
  • Reporting
    Our media partnerships are built on transparency of and trust. Our expressive reporting delivers both the campaign performance detail as well as the detailed insight needed to foster an understanding of the campaign’s contribution to your sales efforts.