Atiyeh Bros.

How updating their brand articulation and marketing approach led to record sales.

When it comes to rugs, Atiyeh Bros. is Portland’s undisputed experts. For over 100 years the company has sourced, sold, cleaned, repaired, and even made rugs of every kind. But recently, they struggled. They had been working off the same advertising playbook for decades, and as Portland grew and changed, the once household name brand lost it’s luster. To many potential new customers, the company felt old and dated, resulting in a growth curve that was flattening.

Restore Atiyeh Bros. stature as the “go to place” for everything related to rugs.

Well-heeled homeowners who appreciate the beauty, value and longevity in home furnishings.

Our Solution

  • Refine and update Atiyeh Bros.’ brand articulation to resonate with today’s homeowner 
  • Build a website that articulates the brand story and shows the depth and breadth of the company’s offerings, expertise , and abilities
  • Modernize their approach to advertising to reduce wasteful spending while still growing sales


Growth in Sales
(best year on record)


Savings on Media Expenses