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Add the SEM Services You Need. Not the Overhead That Goes With it.

Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics expertise to keep the client and your accountant happy.

SEM can be a tricky thing for agencies. Paid search, site tagging, and Google Analytics are foundational needs for many clients, but for agencies, the economics don’t add up. To do it right requires time and effort to keep up with googles constantly changing landscape. To make money you have to do a lot of it.

East Bank’s SEM services help agencies solve this dilemma, keep ownership of this important, digital channel, and protect their bottom line from utilization. We act as extensions of your group to provide the guidance, set up, optimization, and reporting needed to support your search engine marketing efforts.

Google Experts

We’ve been working with Google products for decades. We understand what’s needed to plan, execute, and optimize paid search campaigns and integrate tagging and reporting through tag manager and analytics.

“Right-Sized” Pricing

We understand agency economics. Our financial models afford you the flexibility to offer clients customized billing that takes into account the budgets that they have. Gone are the days when you have to deliver a management fee that’s more than the media budget.

Results Driven

We know both you and your clients want to know that your SEM dollars are well spent. It’s why we build our efforts around actionable, meaningful KPIs that have value beyond generating site visits. We work with you to create measurable pathways that achieve business goals.

What We Do

Services designed to meet your needs and fuel your success.

Paid Search Advertising

We handle all aspects of paid search programs on Google and Bing, including account setup, campaign planning, optimization as well as reporting and analysis.

Website Tagging

Google Tag Manager is a vital tool for setting up tracking tags for ad campaigns and website activity. Our experienced team can help you setup and manage all your site tracking needs.

GA4 Setup and Maintenance

Google’s latest analytics product (GA4) reprents a complete departure from their previous analytics programs. We can help you migrate to, setup and operate GA4 analytics on your websites.


We don’t charge a flat % of media spend. Our fees are based on an hourly rate or a pre-set retainer—with not to exceed benchmarks built in.
We work as an extension of your group, providing insight, guidance and reporting results so that you can actively participate in your client’s campaigns.
Yes! We typically do work inside of client’s google accounts. We can also help with the account settings that provide the maximum flexibility and security for all stakeholders.

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