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Bring the power of Programmatic Media “in-house”

Put a decade of The Trade Desk® experience and expertise to work for you.

In the world of programmatic media buying, there’s the best — then there’s all the rest. The Trade Desk is the industry’s best buying platform, but not all agencies can meet the minimums or hire the talent needed to run their campaigns. As a result, they are forced into lesser options that deliver inferior campaigns.

East Bank Communications removes this trade-off and offers agencies the ability to improve the campaigns they run for clients, add revenue streams, and improve agency profitability. We act as extensions of your group to provide the guidance, setup, trading optimizations and reporting needed to support your campaign with programmatic media.

Trade Desk Experience

We are expert Trade Desk operators. From planning to reporting, we run campaigns across all channels—display, video, CTV, native and audio—providing insight, advice and analysis every step of the way.

Pricing Transparency

We understand agency economics. Our financial models allow you to balance the need to be responsible stewards of your client’s media budgets, and the need to make money for your agency. With East Bank, you never have to wonder how much things cost and who’s reaping a hidden margin.

Results Driven

We know, you’re only as good as your last campaign. We don’t run “set it and forget it” campaigns. We run campaigns that deliver results. And we create stickiness for you with your clients.


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What’s Available For You

Go beyond beyond banner ads and fuel your success.

CPG/Retailer Advertising

Have product in Walmart, Target, Kroger, Albertsons or Dollar General? We can use their shopper data to target ads AND show how much customers actually purchased. Your clients no longer need to wonder what your ads are doing for their sales.

Connected TV

With The Trade Desk, we’re accessing a connected universe of over 80MM streaming households and one of the industry’s largest inventory of programming across networks and streaming services. Go beyond cable and local TV to where today’s viewers are.

Podcasts and Streaming Audio

Let your radio ads sing. From smart speakers to CarPlay, Spotify to iHeart radio, to the best of today’s podcasts, with East Bank you have access to the best in digital, streaming content.

Digital Out-of Home

Extend the reach of your OOH advertising with connected screens in airports, gas stations, gyms, restaurants, bars and more—all bought surgically and efficiently with programmatic.


While we do not have set minimums, there are minimum spend levels needed to effectively run a campaign. These are determined by the desired campaign scope, scale and KPI’s.  Our team can offer guidance on what those levels might be.

We are compensated with a modest trading fee, which is negotiated in advance and added to the media cost for the campaign. Most agencies pass this cost along to their clients, along with a reasonable markup, as it is an essential part of delivering efficient and effective campaigns.  Many times, clients find the media savings of using The Trade Desk more than pays for our fees.

No, you do not have to be an agency to work with us.  We work with both agencies and clients who manage their advertising activities in-house.  However, we do not provide the strategic messaging, creative development and marketing support services that are essential to a well-performing campaign and are the hallmark of a good agency.

We cannot provide direct access to our seat, however, we have created customizable dashboards that allow you to monitor your campaigns daily.

Yes.  If you can satisfy the spend minimums to obtain a seat on The Trade Desk, we can offer the same services, while trading for you on your seat.  It’s a great way to manage overhead costs and simplify your operations.

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